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Business Plans for Affiliated Provider Solutions & Services

Despite the healthcare consolidation trend and the health system strategy to build a “System of Care” across the healthcare continuum, affiliated providers continue to be an essential element of the care delivery process in most communities. Even with strong referral management processes and systems, physicians will still refer patients to providers outside the “owned assets” […]

Organization Design – Emerging Models for IT, Informatics, Analytics & Quality

“IT in healthcare is no longer a hero’s game” indicates one executive. CIO in healthcare stands for “Chief Infrastructure Officer” and in the future it must stand for “Information, Integration and Innovation” says a CIO who comes from outside the healthcare industry. Our “clinical informatics leaders must think more strategically” indicates a CEO. All quotes […]

ROI and Vendor Sales Strategies

Maestro Strategies has worked with numerous vendors over the years to measure and document return on investment (ROI) to support vendor and service company sales efforts. Our approach has focused on providing an objective, independent and analytical perspective on the value of the solution from the view of the healthcare customer – health system, clinician, […]

Two Canoes … and Four ‘I’s

Change: No two healthcare provider organizations experience it the same way. Some actively pursue development of clinically integrated networks and accountable care organizations, others double down on traditional healthcare practices. Many are paralyzed, not knowing what to do or how. The transition from volume to value has been described as “stepping from one canoe to […]

Making Effective Decisions In Times of Uncertainty and Change: What Boards Need To Know (Part One)

Healthcare board members are bombarded by constant change and complexity. In the first of two presentations from the Center for Healthcare Governance on the topic of leadership decision making, Pam Arlotto provides a framework for healthcare board members to make decisions in this difficult environment.  Traditional decision-making methods often take too long, don’t provide the […]

Beyond Return on Investment: Expanding the Value of Healthcare Information Technology

Beyond Return on Investment expands on the topic first outlined in Return on Investment: Maximizing the Value of Healthcare Information Technology, a basic primer or “how to” on completing a ROI analysis for a single project. Beyond Return on Investment expands on the topic to address a comprehensive program of value-based information management for health […]