Maestro Strategies and

Commercialization & Go-To-Market Strategies

Digital Health, HC Platform, HIT, Service Companies, and their Investors

Maestro for Vendors

Our commercialization and go-to-market clients range from digital health start-ups to HIT giants of the industry.

We have worked with health systems seeking to “productize” their internal innovation and companies seeking to launch a healthcare vertical. We also work with international companies in Europe, Canada, and other countries to help adapt strategies to the specifics of the U.S. marketplace.

Our singular focus on healthcare provides a comprehensive understanding of the market, its challenges, and new realities for our clients. Many companies create Good Strategies where they address specific health and care pain points to meet or exceed customer expectations and realize return on investment through measurable outcomes. With over 20,000 HIT companies and 5,000+ digital health companies in the marketplace today, sometimes a good strategy isn’t enough.

Maestro helps orchestrate Great Strategy. We work with our clients to:
    • Understand emerging trends & the potential impact of the company’s service & product portfolio
    • Explore the competitive marketplace & total addressable market
    • Refine the company’s value proposition & differentiation
    • Examine the company/offering readiness & capabilities gaps
    • Develop go-to-market strategies, target customer segments & market size
    • Uncover new revenue streams & design new business models
    • Leverage the right partnerships & sales channels
    • Design Proof of Concept projects
    • Define ROI & value measurement methods
    • Co-create new value with customers & partners
    • Support development of thought leadership

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