Maestro Strategies and


Public-Private Partnerships, Incubators and Innovation Centers, Health Information Organizations (HIEs, APCDs), Smart Health Communities, and GPOs/Alliances

Health Information Networks and Collaborative Communities bring key stakeholders and partners together to drive change across health and care.

Objectives include increasing access to healthcare services, providing person-centric data, promoting innovation and research, and ultimately improving the delivery of care, prevention and wellness, and health outcomes. Today’s healthcare industry is complex and fragmented, collaboration allows for more integrated and coordinated care, sharing of emerging practices, developing cost effective solutions, creating data driven insights and interoperability across organizations.

Maestro helps orchestrate value and data driven insights across the healthcare ecosystem. We work with our clients to address data exchange, outcomes measurement, quality improvement, innovation, and new business model design. Our assistance includes strategic planning, business planning, data analytics, organization and operating model design, and commercialization, as appropriate. Specific deliverables include:

  • Clearly define the purpose and goals of the collaboration network. This may involve conducting a needs assessment, analyzing the market, identifying potential partners and desire outcomes
  • Assess the competencies of key stakeholder organizations and determine resources needed to support the collaboration network including financial resources, human resources, data and technology, and other necessary infrastructure
  • Design a governance structure to oversee the collaboration network
  • Define roles and responsibilities, decision-making processes, and communication channels
  • Develop a communication plan needs to ensure all stakeholders are aware of the collaboration network and its objectives. This plan should outline the key messages, communication channels and frequency of communication
  • Define performance metrics to track the success of the collaboration network including value, outcomes, and ROI measures
  • Develop an implementation roadmap including projects, timelines, budgets, resources required and key milestones
  • Prepare a process to monitor and evaluate performance

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