From CMIO to CHIO: Information, Integration and Innovation


Presented by the Scottsdale Institute, Luke Webster, MD, Chief Medical Officer at Jvion, and Pam Arlotto, President and CEO, Maestro Strategies discuss the topic “From CMIO to CHIO: Information, Integration and Innovation.” This teleconference explores the evolving role of the CMIO. Dr. Webster shares his personal story and role as a CMIO. Initially focused on meaningful use and EHR adoption, he describes the pivot his team has made in the leadership of Health Informatics and Clinical Intelligence. And based on research conducted at over 60 progressive IDNs, Pam describes new leadership structures and operating models for IT, Informatics, Analytics and Quality. The concept of the Chief Health Information Officer will be discussed and the role defined.

Access the audio recording here and the presentation here.

Supplemental materials: From the Playing Field to the Press Box and The Chief Clinical Informatics Officer (CCIO) – AMA Task Force Report on CCIO Knowlege, Education, and Skillset Requirements.

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