Agile Analytics for Decision Makers: Perspectives & Lessons Learned

Webinar recorded August 6th, 2020. Hosted by Pam Arlotto and Susan Irby

During these uncertain times, the ability to observe patterns and explore the impact of telehealth on care delivery models, to examine various recovery scenarios, learn quickly from data and make rapid decisions, is increasingly important. Agile analytics is based on creating a minimum viable analysis and learning as you go. We spoke with two health system leaders as they discussed their own experiences and lessons learned.

On August 6th, we examined five game changers for healthcare decision makers to allow navigating uncharted waters in today’s uncertain world.

Matt Partridge shared the experience of deploying telehealth and virtual care across ambulatory practices. Matt, whose previous experience includes time at the Cleveland Clinic, discussed rapid decision-making using minimum viable analysis, the role of scenario modeling in planning for the recovery and the importance of collaboration in preparing for the last mile of analytics.

Les Clonch talked about data’s role in helping organizations learn to not just drive to solutions. He discussed the importance of joint accountability with stakeholders and the fact that decision makers often have different perspectives of values. Les shared that IT’s role is as a partner rather than an owner of projects, and the importance of data in building a patient-centric strategy.