Vicki Miller

Vicki Miller has over 25 years of healthcare experience in hospital, ambulatory and vendor settings.  Her experience crosses operations, customer service, finance, revenue cycle, marketing, strategy, and business development, offering a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of organizations.  In her work with hospitals and physician practices, Vicki has assisted organizations in understanding and implementing the changes required to meet evolving health care requirements. This work includes integrating workflow with software deployment for sustained adoption, aligning quality reporting requirements with operations, implementing cost accounting methodologies, preparing for the conversion to ICD-10, and planning participation in health information exchanges.   In addition, Vicki has assisted organizations in establishing the framework for leveraging data to form an information driven culture.

In her work with software vendors, Vicki has helped organizations implement tools and processes to integrate new products and companies into operations, develop a culture of customer service, and improve revenue cycle operations, She has lead organizations through the process of defining a strategy, establishing measurement metrics — including expected ROI, building the operational support and processes to carry out the strategy and measuring the benefit achieved.

In the vendor community, Vicki has held executive positions with Healthcare Management Systems, Avega Health Systems, MedAssets, Inc. and Health Management Solutions. She also has held positions as Director of Finance, Controller, and Director Patient Financial Services at a multi-hospital system.

Vicki holds an MBA from Ashland University and a Bachelor of Education in Business Management from the University of Toledo.