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Pam Arlotto was consulted by Healthcare Innovation on the scenario commonly referred to as “one foot in the boat, one on the shore” in the face of COVID-19. Article by Mark Hagland on May 28th. Pam Arlotto, CEO of the Atlanta-based Maestro Strategies consulting firm, notes that, “In our new book, Orchestrating Value: Population Health in […]

Orchestrating Value: Population Health in the Digital Age

by Pam Arlotto Contributors: Susan Irby Orchestrating Value: Population Health in the Digital Age focuses on the leadership thinking and mindset changes needed to transition from brick and mortar healthcare to digital health and connected care. The fourth industrial revolution, with convergent disruptions in biology, business models, computer science, and culture, has the potential to […]

HIMSS cancels conference due to coronavirus

Pam Arlotto was interviewed about the HIMSS20 conference cancellation due to the coronavirus in the March 5th issue of Modern Healthcare. Article by Jessica Kim Cohen. The cancellation could have a significant financial impact not just on HIMSS, but also on participating companies. “This is going to have a huge economic impact, for both big companies […]