2023 CMIO Crash Course

The Intersection of Health Informatics & Digital Health: A CRASH Course for Leaders


Health informatics continues to advance through pioneering innovations at the intersection of people, technology, process, and data. In recent years the CMIO has been joined by Chief Health Information Officers, Chief Nursing Informatics Officers, Chief Data Officers, Chief People Analytics Officers, and more. As the health and healthcare industry tackles emerging business models, social determinants of health, and more informed consumers, technologies such as wearable devices, remote patient monitoring, virtual care and other digital health apps and platforms are becoming more prevalent in delivering healthcare services, and promoting better health and wellbeing.

Chief Digital Officers and Chief Innovation Officers are becoming important members of the leadership team. Join us on June 19 and 20th in advance of the AMDIS Physician-Computer Connection Symposium in Ojai, California to explore your role in this rapidly changing landscape. Whether you aspire to be a health informatics/digital health leader, are new to your position or are seeking to move to the next level, this symposium will help you connect with peers, further define your responsibilities, develop practical skills to help you progress in your career, and partner with others for success.

For over fifteen years, the CRASH Course has provided participants the opportunity for joint problem-solving and exploration of common challenges in a conversation-based format. Participants are surveyed in advance regarding the topics they want to address. Through a combination of presentations and facilitated discussions, attendees share experiences with each other and discuss lessons learned with AMDIS pioneers and healthcare industry thought leaders.

Register: https://amdis.org/2023-crash-course-registration/

Email hdavies@maestrostrategies.com for questions.

Cost: $575 per attendee