Synchronizing strategy, care delivery redesign, analytics, and information technology to create the perfect pitch

A coordinated, high-value organization in the health and care ecosystem is like an orchestra where each musician has individual skills, yet works in harmony toward the common goal of producing an exceptional performance.

An orchestra sounds best when each musician is experienced, the instruments are properly tuned and the sections work together under the direction of their conductor toward a shared interest. The transition from volume to value is much like handing the orchestra a new musical score to play. The musicians aren’t yet in sync, and haven’t rehearsed the new repertoire enough to perform.

Just as no two orchestras are alike, each organization in the health and care ecosystem is at a different place in its journey from volume to value. Maestro Strategies helps each client orchestrate the uncertainty of this transition. We work to bridge traditional functional and specialty-based silos, to inform decision-making with insights from data, rethink operating and care delivery models, and integrate innovative solutions to create a consumer-centric, connected health and care ecosystem. We help our clients use the lens of organization-wide strategy in deciding what to change, how to change it, and how to assess return on investment.

We synchronize our services with each client’s strategic, market and financial goals, progress toward the assumption of risks, and deployment of digital health solutions. We offer a variety of service models including consulting, interim leadership, coaching, demonstration projects, and educational programming.

We customize our services to each client’s unique needs.